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Wee Baby Meyve Süzgeci 207

Wee Baby Meyve Süzgeci 207

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Ürün Detayları

  • Suitable for babies 6+ months.                       ;       
  • It enables the baby to meet the fruit and eat fruit safely.
  • By putting chilled fruits and vegetables in the crisper section of the refrigerator, it helps to relieve the sensitive and overheating gums.
  • Thanks to the special teether section, babies continue to be happy by scratching their gums while they continue to feed.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic handle, babies can easily grasp and use it.
  • Thanks to its cover, it can be carried & stored hygienically.
  • Thanks to the silicone tip with special perforated sections made of healthy silicone, babies can feed themselves comfortably and safely.
  • With the transition to supplementary food, the foods consumed by babies also vary.
  • As in adults, it is necessary to consume fruits and vegetables for the healthy development of babies.
  • Many mothers puree various fruits and vegetables and feed them to their babies.
  • The perforated silicone tip of the Wee Baby Fruit Strainer helps the baby absorb the fruit and vegetable juices put in it easily.
  • It provides the baby to meet and feed with fresh fruit from the first months.
  • It provides the opportunity to use fruits and vegetables safely against the risk of swallowing and choking by the baby.

Perforated Net

  • Thanks to the silicone perforated mesh, fruit pieces can be placed inside. While the pulp remains in the strainer, the baby can drink the juice.

Made of BPA-Free Material.

  • BPA-free raw materials in FDA standards are used in production.

Can be sterilized.

SKU: 4180-HBCV0000043AOM

SP-ID: 4627393

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