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İntex 3 Boğumlu Sunset Havuz 147*33 Cm

İntex 3 Boğumlu Sunset Havuz 147*33 Cm

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Satıcı: tamonikiden
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Ürün Detayları

İntex 3 Knotted Sunset Pool 147*33 CmProperties:

  • In the heat of the summer, your child will both play with his friends and enjoy the coolness at the 3 Knotted Sunset Pool!
  • The floor consists of soft inflatable bubbles.
  • Inflation valves and one-shot evacuation
  • 299 liters water intake capacity at 80% fill rate
  • Age Range: 3 years and above
  • It should be kept empty for safety reasons when not in use, even a small amount of water can pose a suffocation risk for children.
  • It should be used under adult supervision.
  • Use it on soft surfaces such as grass and check beforehand that there are no penetrating or cutting materials on the surface to be used.

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