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Breast pump (120 mL / 4 Oz)…

Breast pump (120 mL / 4 Oz)…

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The MOCHi breast pump express from your other breast during breastfeeding or allows you to empty milk from your breast like a manual pump. You no longer need to hold or pump constantly while using your breast pump, sit back and watch the MOCHi breast pump expressing with a natural vacuum. Just squeeze it, place on your chest, centering your nipple, and release it. Experience an effortless, quiet and comfortable breast pump experience with a one-part structure. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. NATURAL SUCTION THAT EXACTLY YOUR MILK DUCTS NEED Thanks to its patented technology, it continuously applies the force needed by your milk ducts. MOCHi breast pump creates a force similar to the suction force of your baby with the lower and upper vacuum rings and vacuum strip located in the body structure. The most effective breastfeeding is aimed with its shape, folds and weight. EXPRESS, STORE and FEED The MOCHi breast pump is a complete breast milk solution. It allows you to breastfeed, store breastmilk and feed your baby. After expressing, the milk stopper is placed inside the pump, and the breast milk can be stored without air contact. It can be freezes to -20 °C in case of need. The patented milk stopper design also acts as a cup feeder. Turn the milk stopper upside down and feed your baby safely with the cup feeding method recommended by doctors and lactation consultants. Not only for your first baby, but also for the MOCHi breast pump to be with you for many years, your breast pump and all its attachments are covered by a 5-year warranty. MOCHi breast pump provides comfortable and easy operation without effort. MOCHi breast pump is suitable for hands-free use. It allows milk to be transferred to its chamber with the vacuum effect created thanks to the natural vacuum rings. Unlike other pumps that work with high suction strengths, it creates a force similar to the suction power of the baby. *5 year warranty. *2in1 millk stopper doubles as a silicone cup feeder. *Food grade, medical silicone. *Neck hanger loop.

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