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Vipfoni Lotus (Flower) Water Lantern 20 pcs

Vipfoni Lotus (Flower) Water Lantern 20 pcs

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Product Details

The ambiance it creates is worth watching!


  • The Lotus Water Lanterns are derived from an ancient legend,
  • It can also be left to the lake or the sea by making a wish. It is also used to add color to the environment in places such as gardens or terraces.
  • Today, they are used to make wishes on special occasions.
  • A perfect product for your poolside organizations. ,

Where to use:

  • at festivals
  • Valentine's Day
  • in the spring festivities
  • at the New Year's Eve parties
  • at birthday parties
  • Marriage, April and special occasions
  • Can be used in gardens and terraces

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